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Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel

This post has been long over due as I performed at this hotel and wedding last year on the 13th August (2016). I’ve just recently received a lovely review from the bride (Caroline) and wanted to share this. This wedding was particularly special which I will explain later in the post.

The Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel in London was definitely a lovely setting for the wedding. Upstairs in the function room, very spacious and plenty of light, it really suited the couple who booked the hotel.

a collection of pictures from a wedding at the Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel in London featuring wedding singer Simon Dorey.

So, Caroline asked me to perform a version of ‘We Are Family’ by Sisters Sledge for the First Dance but with a twist! She had re-written the lyrics to this song as her and her son Joshua sung this version to themselves and so it meant a lot to the family. I agreed to do this but after receiving the lyrics from them I thought that it wouldn’t have sounded right with me singing these lyrics on the day, the lyrics were: ‘We are family, Mummy, Daddy, Joshua & Emily’. Other lyrics were changed during the verses as well. So, instead of me singing the song live, I had a brain wave and thought it would be much better if this version was professionally recorded and played on the night. My sister is a professional singer as well and so I called in a favour and asked her to sing on the track. Below is a clip of the song.

This song was great fun to record and the bride and groom loved it! I really think this was a very special moment in the day and as soon as the guests heard the track, they were all thrilled because it was so personal to the family, this is what weddings are all about!

I also had the pleasure of accompanying a member of their family on the piano who sung the song ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’ by Elvis. She had such a lovely sweet voice, and this again was a great addition to the night.

Being a wedding singer that covers the whole of London, performing at this wedding was extremely memorable because of the amount of thought that went in to it. It’s always nerve racking to be involved in someones special day especially when so much detail has been covered, this was a fantastic day, and the weather was fab too!

Thank you to the new Mr & Mrs Reddaway, and of course to Joshua & Emily who will always be in my thoughts every time ‘we are family’ is played!! Some things just stay with you!

Here is the lovely testimonial that Caroline sent to me:

a screen shot of an email sent to wedding singer simon dorey of a testimonial from a bride