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Money Shots from a Wedding Photographer

Just wanted to share some photos that I thought were ‘Money Shots’ from our wedding from our fantastic Photographer Paul Mannion.


This is one of my favourites. I haven’t a clue how he created this effect and did this under such pressure, because this moment must have lasted about 2 seconds max! And he didn’t have a clue we were going to do this move!

I love the way he has captured our faces, they are perfectly in focus but yet he has used the lights from the Star Cloth and LED Dance Floor to create this effect! A second later or earlier wouldn’t have been the same. Our emotion is captured perfectly!

This is what I think are ‘Money Shots from a Wedding Photographer, and if you get 5 to 10 shots like this, you’re doing well!

I would also like to add that my wife changed into a different dress just for this dance because she couldn’t perform our dance routine we had learnt in the ‘expensive’ dress! I’ll be posting more shots soon.

Simon Dorey Wedding Singer First Dance Shot